Hi, I'm Steven. I love collaborating with smart people who enjoy
challenges and finding ways of making that fun
Software Architect, Mentor
Cyclist, Woodworker, Learner
A modest Github presence...

A OneNote add-in with only the most essential and useful features demonstrating .NET/COM interop

Advanced PowerShell scripts and profile enhancements for common use cases including machine initialization and developer environment setup

A system tray app that adds seamless features to iTunes: automated library maintenance, playlist management, sychronization with MP3 players, lyrics discovery, playback control, and keyboard hooks

  • Detect network availability, specifically to the Internet, and monitor status changes
  • List USB devices, monitor online state, using System.Management WMI wrappers
  • Patent: System and Method for Establishing Business to Business Connections via the Internet, 2002
    Patent (EU): Techniques for Event Notification, 2011
    Patent Pending: I'd love to tell you about this one but I'm not allowed to yet
    $52,854 raised
    1256 miles ridden
    Please consider donating to the PMC to support
    my ride and our fight against cancer

    2023 marks my ninth year participating in the PMC and I'm excited and honored to once again join the other riders with the amazing support and kind help from volunteers, donors, and of course family. We have all been touched at some point in our lives by Cancer, either through friends, family or even ourselves. I will be riding in memory of those who didn't win the fight and in honor of those who are winning or have just begun the battle. Please join me and help make a difference for those we love.

    This year I'll be riding the Wellesley Century route but starting form and ending at home will which take me through 126 miles in total. To take part, I need to raise a minimum of $3,000 but would love to beat my fundraising from last year at over $11,000! So I am asking for your help in achieving this goal. Don't donate for me; donate for anyone you know who ha ever been affected by cancer. Any contribution you can make toward my ride would be most gratefully appreciated. Donations are tax deductible. Check if your employer has a matching gift program - an easy way to double your contribution and helps me attain my goal Event faster. Thank you for your consideration and compassion.


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